American Trucking Cargo, more than just deliveries

In the times in which we live, the delivery of different types of goods on time has become indispensable for mankind and to meet the basic needs of supply, both in food and medicine or other necessities, land freight transportation has set the standard by fully complying with this objective: that the goods arrive on time to the final customer.

Accordingly, American Trucking Cargo (ATCargo) is a ground freight transportation company with logistic experience that travels day and night the highways of North America, to meet different deliveries with excellent service and human quality, using different technological devices to provide the best experience to our drivers. We are committed to our team, so that our drivers feel our permanent support, even in the most remote places of North America, how? By providing immediate solutions through highly qualified personnel and technological devices, especially in those moments when the adversities on the road do not wait, our promise is to never leave our drivers unattended. 

At the same time, AT Cargo makes use of the skills of trained personnel in the dispatch area, that is, our Dispatcher or the ‘guardian angel’ of our drivers, why?, whenever the driver needs to resolve any questions related to the load, the roads, the vehicle or stop sites with particular specifications, our Dispatcher is in charge from resolving a question of paperwork to help meet the whims that the driver requires on the way to deliver the load. A clear example is the location of truck stops in hours of favorable traffic, with favorable places to exercise or in case of requiring a vegetarian menu, our Dispatcher will provide the location of the appropriate place to satisfy your tastes or cravings. 

As for our commercial drivers, they are professionals with all the disposition to transmit the knowledge they have acquired on the roads to the new generations; demonstrating that the profession of driving commercial cargo vehicles in the USA, besides being emblematic, is a very well remunerated job that allows the acquisition of a healthy lifestyle, and that at the same time, requires order and discipline so that the different professionals can enjoy all the advantages that this field has to offer.

In ATCargo, we have been concerned about generating a series of organized logistic procedures which have allowed us to guarantee an optimal operation, from the moment we organize the dispatch of a load until the driver fulfills the final delivery. Being present from beginning to end in the supply chain has allowed us to know the market and generate traceability between the cargo, the destination and the final customer.

In short, we strive to ensure a comprehensive service to our customers and a permanent support to our drivers, for this reason, we specialize in providing complete transnational logistics solutions in freight transportation, for all these reasons do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to welcome you to our team!

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