Walk with us through the daily routine of Juan Carlos, ATCargo’s dispatcher!

In addition to his work as a dispatcher, Juan Carlos Calderón is a Salvadoran who serves other functions at American Trucking Cargo, including that of a “guardian angel” for our drivers, accompanying them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; whenever they need to solve a matter related to the cargo or satisfy a craving that allows them to feel at ease or remember that flavor that takes them home. He’s a family man passionate about sports and a music lover, which allows him to put his particular stamp on every job he does every day, always with the best attitude.

What does a dispatcher do during the day, how does their job work?

Initially, I’m in charge of planning the weekly loads; always looking for the best price per mile. Then, I’m in charge of dispatching the freight, also that the driver complies with the previously stipulated times, picks up the cargo in a timely manner and all the details related to it. At the moment, I fulfill both functions, getting the freight and dispatching it; at the same time, I’m aware of reporting any problem, for example, any delay -due to traffic or other reasons-, damage to the cargo, accidents, since these unforeseen events are reported to our customers.

What technological elements are indispensable for the development of your work?


Primarily, access to the TailWind1 platform is fundamental, since it’s through this work tool that an integral logistic procedure is carried out between the company that requires the carrier service and our drivers that transports the loads. Secondly, the Gps or real-time location of the driver and the load, since it is vital to determine whether the driver is on time to make the delivery, without the need to call him all the time, in order to avoid losing his concentration while he is driving; that is, to have permanent control without the need to pressure the driver. In turn, the semi-truck uses a Tablet that indicates the driver’s movement, in addition to allowing control over other factors such as available driving hours, rest hours, best routes, among others.

What does driver monitoring by dispatchers consist of?

The monitoring doesn’t have to be constant since the drivers are focused on driving. It starts when our driver picks up a load; since I have full knowledge of the time they have, I can get a gym that is on the driver’s route, in order for them to maintain their physical condition, since they spend most of the time sitting down to perform their work. Also, I look for restaurants that accommodate the particular tastes of the driver, taking special care that they can access these areas with the trucks; I look for different places that are located near the highways so that it is not difficult for them to enter or leave, given the size of the trucks they drive, as well as parking lots that allow the entry of these semi-trucks.

How does your work contribute to the well-being of drivers, does ATCargo care about the driver’s tranquility?

We focus on seeking the highest prices per load, in order to guarantee excellent payments to our collaborators. At the same time, we seek to provide a first-class service, either by guiding our drivers through a suitable route or by finding them a restaurant of their favorite food on the same route. In addition, if they have time and are near a tourist place or place of interest for the driver, we look for the easiest way for him to access that area, either by finding an appropriate parking area for the driver to have the tranquility to disperse doing some activity of their choice or getting an Uber for our drivers to feel in comfort.

Has working with ATCargo changed your life?

I feel that it has given me tranquility and security. Tranquility because I am in a reliable team in which I can perform with confidence, since I feel the permanent support and above all the good treatment under equal conditions. Security because besides being part of a serious company, we have human quality, we take into account that drivers spend days, weeks and even months without seeing their families, so we know that the smallest detail can make a difference in the emotional state of our employees.

What has been your experience as an ATCargo dispatcher compared to other trucking companies?

ATCargo seeks to provide a professional service to both its customers and its collaborators, regardless of the time, we are ready to provide assistance and human quality, if a driver needs it, or information about the cargo if the customer requires it.

At the same time, constant communication with customers is active, as they are informed of the status of the cargo and delivery times, which is why effective communication with the driver is vital. For example, if the driver has a mechanical problem at 3:00 a.m., I am able to find a road service to assist him.

Traditionally, the dispatcher’s work does not extend to these “personal” areas, in other words, they assist with the basics. ATCargo seeks to change this traditional perspective of other trucking companies, in order to provide them with the best treatment and the best experience on the road; it’s said that 7 out of 10 drivers complain about the service they have received from their work team, a vision that ATCargo wants to change.

What is the added value of ATCargo as a transportation company?

Human value and internal communication is what sets us apart. For us it’s essential that our employees feel at home, that they feel comfortable and supported, that they have no doubts about their payment or about the treatment they will receive from us, that if they need help for any reason at any time in the morning, they feel confident to ask for it; this is essential for us, the message we want to give is that we are a professional trucking company that cares about our employees, we are not only dedicated to the trucking business also our added value is the human quality we put to work, always providing a great service.

In addition, image is everything to us. It’s important to maintain a good safety score with the transportation authorities, as this is what shows companies that want to transport their cargo with us, the professionalism we use to maintain an excellent record on the roads, which we have taken care to strengthen during the time we have been in operation.

Tell us more about yourself: Who is Juan Carlos, what are your hobbies, what activities do you do trought the day, what is your lifestyle?

For me the main thing is to be with my family, if you ask me what I like to do the most, the answer is to spend time with my family, I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. I also like sports a lot, practicing, watching and discussing them; when I was a child I played football, basketball, trained boxing and I love baseball; I also like extreme sports a lot, I want to fulfill my dream of practicing skydiving, I feel that represents the independence that has characterized me since I was a child. I’m a music lover, my genre is hip-hop, I also like old salsa, among other genres. In addition, I like to travel, drive and learn about the history of my country, El Salvador.

1 At ATCargo we use the TailWind application, which is part of the Transportation Management System (TMS). This system allows us to comprehensively manage everything related to the logistics supply chain, from the initial search for cargo and the best price per mile, as well as internal control in terms of documentation, time control, deliveries and others.

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