The importance of land freight transportation in U.S. commerce

Trade is one of the economic activities that has characterized human beings and their evolution throughout history, but this task could not be carried out without the intervention of transportation systems in their different modalities.

There are three main types of transportation means: maritime, air and land, which are used by various companies to develop their commercial activities. For this to be achieved, it is essential to make use of logistics services that are responsible for managing the circulation of various goods or raw materials, thus connecting producers, distributors, and consumers, and considering the supply chain required for the desired merchandise to find the most efficient way to reach its final recipient.

It is estimated that at this very moment there are around 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States, of which 2 million are tractor-trailers, large vehicles that travel the roads day and night. This figure represents the importance of freight shipments by land, as it is the most efficient means of transportation, complying with sectorize deliveries; at the same time, it represents one of the most important economic sectors in the world economy, which is why it is considered highly competitive [1].



Accordingly, the United States is one of the world’s major economic powers. With approximately 328.2 million inhabitants, it is considered one of the countries with the highest mass consumption of goods and services of all kinds -compared to the European Union-. In turn, the U.S. has widely developed road systems to allow for the free flow of goods and services of all kinds.

Developed to allow the free transit of all types of land transportation, so that cargo trucks do not interfere with the traffic of traditional vehicles. Considering the importance of land transportation in the United States, it is worth mentioning that 71% of the total cargo transported throughout the country is moved by land [2].



In addition to the importance, it represents for the supply and normal functioning of the routine in urban and rural centers, it incorporates around ten million jobs in the North American country [3].



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